Every investor uses insights and information about the stock markets as they build and develop their investment strategy. So regardless of whether you’re a seasoned investor in stocks or a newcomer, you can benefit from the knowledge of expert investors and any breaking news that will impact your decisions when trading.

For this reason, social media has become a key tool for investors to follow and learn from others, as well as receive breaking news. Of the social media platforms, Twitter is the best place to gain reliable, timely information to help you invest wisely. Here, you’ll find a wealth of information about the stock markets and be able to draw on the experiences of experts in the field.

However, as most Twitter users will know, it often takes a while to scroll through your Twitter feed before landing on one of value — not surprising when over 500 million Tweets are sent daily. Therefore, to get the most out of the platform, the best thing to do is tailor the list of accounts you follow.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best Twitter accounts to follow to keep up to date with the stock markets. These accounts will help guide you in your investment journey, from providing advice to crucial market insights. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

12 Best Stock Market Twitter Accounts to Follow

These are the best accounts to follow if you’re getting into stocks or you’re looking for expertise in the stock markets. Here, you’ll be able to select the most useful accounts to follow and hone in on specific topics and sectors within the world of stocks and finance.

From high-profile news outlets that will provide you with up-to-date and reliable news about the financial markets to senior investors and stock traders who regularly update their followers with key insights and analytics, we’ve got you covered.

1. Stocktwits (@Stocktwits)

Starting off, we have Stocktwits, which is the largest social network for investors and traders to converse, connect and learn from each other. It is a real-time service that provides a space for individuals interested in stocks to group together, no matter their level of expertise.

The company’s Twitter has nearly 970,000 followers and posts daily with real-time news and discussions from investors around the globe — perfect for those who want to keep up to date with highlights.

2. Wall Street Journal Markets (@WSJMarkets)

A name that needs no introduction is the Wall Street Journal, the go-to online and print publication for business news. The newspaper is one of the largest in the United States, with an average circulation of over 3.7 million.

The WSJ also runs several Twitter pages, including the Wall Street Journal Markets, which is dedicated to providing reliable financial news specifically related to the stock markets. The account posts smart analyses and features on the global stock markets, keeping nearly 800,000 followers up to date. Furthermore, many big news outlets post breaking news on Twitter before they run it in print or online, so if you’re looking to get crucial news as quickly as possible, Twitter is the place to be.

3. Stephanie Link (@Stephanie_Link)

Stephanie Link is the Chief Investment Strategist at Hightower Advisors and a frequent contributor to CNBC. She also previously spent seven years as the Chief Investment Officer and co-portfolio manager of Jim Cramer’s Charitable Trust, TheStreet.

Link has over 28 years of experience as an investment professional, meaning she has highly sought-after insights and expertise within the field. She shares these on her Twitter account and updates her following of 134,500 people daily.

4. Steve Burns (@SJosephBurns)

Steve Burns is an active trader and the founder of New Trader U, which is a media company that provides an extensive resource for those who want to learn about trading and investing in a clear and simple way. He has specialised in financial analysis, personal growth, and stock and options trading and has written 11 books to educate those who want to get into stock.

Burns has been trading since 1993 and has steadily built up his portfolio and strategy, and as such, he is a key figure to follow in the financial world. Aside from the books he has written, he’s also produced many unique articles on the topic as well as created extensive courses. His Twitter account is just as valuable as he gives live commentaries on the stock markets and further trading advice.

5. MarketWatch (@MarketWatch)

MarketWatch is a website that provides real-time market data, financial information, and analysis of the stock markets. It is a subsidiary of Dow Jones & Company, which also owns The Wall Street Journal.

MarketWatch continues to provide valuable insight on its Twitter page, where it boasts a whopping 4.3 million followers. The page is dedicated to sharing and uncovering news along with giving commentary on key events — these will be crucial to traders to identify the possible impacts of current events on the stock markets. The company is popular with both professional and new investors and traders as it provides a mix of educational material, portfolio management resources, and quotes.

6. Scott Redler (@RedDogT3)

Often called the founder of technical analysis, Scott Redler is the Chief Strategic Officer of T3 Live, which is one of the largest trading firms in the world. Redler, along with Sean Hendelman, combined their expertise to provide traders with a platform to generate income using a mix of trading, information, and technology.

Redler is a key investment figure on Twitter, and his account is a trove of information for those in the investment markets. His Tweets provide an excellent summary of all you need to know about trading, as well as give updates on trends in the market. Furthermore, you’ll get some of Redler’s life-experience ideas, which will no doubt be insightful and useful.

7. Steve Hanke (@steve_hanke)

Professor of Applied Economics at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Steve Hanke is also a well-known currency and commodity trader. He has advised world leaders over the course of four decades, including Ronald Reagan, and was the president of the world’s best-performing mutual fund in 1995 — all things that make him an excellent person to follow for insights and advice.

Hanke’s Twitter account is the perfect place to find information, especially on inflation. Using the hashtag ‘#inflationsatellite’, he comments on current events and economic affairs that will be incredibly useful to experienced investors and newcomers alike.

8. J.C. Parets (@allstarcharts)

J.C. Parets is an American businessman and the founder of the website ‘All Star Charts’. The website provides technical analysis commentary to investors all over the globe. It is particularly useful for beginner investors as it breaks down investing in a way that is easy to understand.

If you head over to his Twitter page, you’ll find even more beginner-friendly expertise and advice from this respected investor as he updates his following with analysis. It is also worth noting that his account is one of the best for stocks in Day Trading.

9. Benzinga (@Benzinga)

Founded by Jason Raznick, Benzinga is a platform that gives its users real-time news on the financial and stock markets to help them make informed business decisions. Its Twitter page supplies over 250,000 followers with exclusive analysis and insight into market trends, making it a valuable account to follow.

10. New York Times Business (@nytimesbusiness)

Another company that needs no introduction is the New York Times. The daily newspaper is read worldwide and boasts 9.1 million subscribers. For those looking for business and stock markets news, look no further than the NYT Business Twitter account. Here, you’ll find information on key events that are likely to impact the stock market, which is invaluable for those who are looking to invest.

11. CNBC (@CNBC)

Formerly Consumer News and Business Channel, CNBC is the American cable channel that provides real-time financial market information and content for over 355 million people monthly across all their platforms. The channel runs news 24/7, so you’ll never miss breaking news, and it has 14-hour live coverage specifically designed for investors and trading professionals alike.

The channel’s Twitter page is a constant stream of breaking news and updates for those in the stock markets. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about the potential impact of events and the economy on investments.

12. Bespoke Investment Group (@bespokeinvest)

Bespoke Investment Group is a well-respected and reliable Wall Street research firm. It was set up in 2007 by Paul Hickey and Justin Walters, who were formerly tutored by famous market strategist Laszlo Birinyi. The pair formed the consulting firm to provide a fresh perspective on the markets and challenge the research provided by other Wall Street firms.

Their website is full of easy-to-read reports, along with advice on investing and stock trading. The group’s Twitter page is no different; you’ll find more insight and news alerts.

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