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Top men in finance to follow

Life doesn’t come with instructions. But that doesn’t mean you have to go into it without any guidance. And one key area of life where some quality advice can be particularly beneficial is dealing with our finances.

Not all of us are natural-born entrepreneurs, investors, or CEOs, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn a thing or two about money and investments from the world’s greatest. Regardless of whether you aspire to work on Wall Street with a high-power job title, or you’re trying to take control of your money to gain financial freedom, following the top people in finance is a great way to gain valuable insight into complex topics.

For this reason, we’ve put together lists of the top ten men and top 10 women in finance to follow. These individuals are renowned for their contributions and achievements in the finance industry. So, who better turn to if you’re looking for advice and strategies for your own career or personal finances?

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the top men in finance and why they deserve a place on this list. Without further ado, let’s jump in!

Who are the top men in finance?

When most people think of top men in finance, it’s likely they’ll think of magnates such as Warren Buffet. And at the age of 92 and still working in the business, he’s rightfully earned his place in the top 10 list.

But, plenty of other leading men in the finance world also deserve a space among the greatest. These include moguls such as David Tepper, Larry Fink, and Li Ka-shing. So, read on to find out what they’ve done to claim their places.

Top 10 men in finance

Let’s take a look at the top 10 men in finance that you should follow.

1. Warren Buffet: Business magnate & CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

Kicking off our list is a man who needs no introduction within the finance world, Warren Buffett. One of the world’s most successful investors, this list would be incomplete without the “Oracle of Omaha” himself.

Buffett is renowned for his approach to business and investing, which he formed from his own experiences and the theories he learned at the University of Columbia from his lecturer Benjamin Graham — also known as the ‘father of value investing’. His investment philosophy involves finding the value of assets and focusing on their competitive advantages. And it’s a strategy that has served him well in his career, from working as an investment salesman in 1951 to building up the holding company Berkshire Hathaway from a dying textile mill to a business with a market capitalisation close to $700 billion.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding, and Warren Buffet is a great example of hard work paying off. As of 2022, Buffett is the sixth richest billionaire in the world, with a net worth of over $100 billion. For this reason alone, it’s easy to see why he’s one of the most followed men in finance. But looking at his career and philosophies is also an excellent way to pick up invaluable insights into the world of business and financial management.

2. David Tepper: Co-founder of Appaloosa Management L.P.

Described by Forbes as “arguably the greatest hedge fund manager of his generation”, David Tepper is another man in finance you’ll want to watch.

Tepper has worked for the likes of Equibank and Republic Steel. He also used to be the head of the junk bond desk at the well-known investment banking company Goldman Sachs. That is, until he co-founded his own hedge fund, Appaloosa Management L.P., in 1993 after being passed up for a partner position. Tepper grew the business by investing in the debt of other companies. A high-risk strategy that paid off — Appaloosa currently manages $13 billion worth of assets. Furthermore, Tepper’s long-term investment strategy allowed him to ride out many periods of market volatility and become the successful hedge fund manager he is today. This method is still recommended by experienced investors today.

3. Laurence Fink: Chairman & CEO of BlackRock

Very few corporate executives are recognised or referred to by their first name alone. But Laurence Fink, or simply Larry as he’s often known, is one of these unicorns. For this reason, the “King of Wall Street” is undoubtedly one to have on your radar.

Fink is the founder of BlackRock, which is the world’s largest asset management firm. In the fourth quarter of 2021, the company surpassed the $10 trillion mark in terms of total assets under management. Despite some turbulence this year due to retail investors withdrawing, the company still brought in $89.6 billion in total net inflow from clients.

Fink founded BlackRock in 1988 and has been at the helm ever since. His work in the financial industry has earned him many awards, and a place on Forbes’ list of the world’s most powerful people — Fink currently ranks 28th.

4. Li Ka-shing: Senior Adviser & former Chairman of CK Hutchison Holding

Li Ka-shing is the former Chairman of CK Hutchison Holdings, a multinational corporation operating in over 50 countries. It was officially formed in 2015 from the merger of Hutchison Whampoa and Cheung Kong Holdings — the latter was founded in 1972 by Ka-shing.

Ka-shing was a senior figure in both CK Hutchison Holdings and CK Asset Holdings and worked in the companies for almost 70 years. He eventually retired in 2018, and his son, Victor Li, took over the empire. However, Ka-shing is still a senior adviser at the company. According to Forbes, his current net worth is $33.1 billion, even despite his charitable foundation donating more than $3.3 billion.

5. Ray Dalio: Founder & Co-CIO of Bridgewater Associates

Ray Dalio is a billionaire hedge fund manager who founded and now is the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of the largest hedge fund in the world, Bridgewater Associates.

Dalio started his career after graduating with an MBA from Harvard. He then started trading commodity futures working in the New York Stock Exchange. He then worked for other companies, such as Dominick & Dominick LLC. and Shearson Hayden Stone, where he continued to be a futures trader. Following a dispute with his superior at Shearson Hayden Stone, Dalio decided to form his own company in 1975.

He kept some of the clients from his previous role but scored big when McDonald’s signed on as a client. Dalio continued to grow the business into the empire it is today. As a result of his hard work, his net worth is stated by Bloomberg as $16.2 billion, and Bridgewater Associates currently manages around $150 billion in assets.

6. Carl Icahn: Founder of Icahn Capital Management

Carl Icahn is a self-made billionaire who is noted for being one of Wall Street’s most successful investors. He made his fortune primarily by forming Icahn Enterprises, a diversified holding company with seven primary business segments — these sectors include energy, food packaging, and energy.

Much like many of the men on this list, Icahn is listed on the Forbes 400. He has a net worth of $17.6 billion and invests some of his personal funds through his companies. He has also donated around $200 million to the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai — a world-renowned medical establishment.

7. Daniel Loeb: Founder of Third Point

Dan Loeb is the founder and CIO of the Third Point hedge fund, which he formed in 1995. The company now manages $14 billion, and its success has resulted in Loeb’s net worth being $3.5 billion.

Loeb still works within the company as the Chief Investment Officer. He briefly worked with a co-CIO from 2019 to 2020, but ultimately took the role as the sole CIO. Prior to founding Third Point, Loeb worked at Jefferies, Island Records, and Citigroup. He has a degree in economics from Columbia University, and, interestingly, was a classmate of Barack Obama during his time at the establishment. Loeb even gave significant financial support to Obama during his presidential campaign.

8. Jim Simons: Mathematician, investor, & founder of Renaissance Technologies

Jim Simons is a respected and renowned mathematician. His use of quantitative analysis in his investment strategy earned him the nickname “Quant King’.

Simons has a PhD in mathematics from Berkley, California, and prior to becoming an investor, he worked at the Institute for Defense Analyses and then taught mathematics at MIT and Harvard. However, even though he was a successful mathematician and professor, Simons decided to manoeuvre into the stock market. In 1978, he founded the hedge fund Monemetrics and used his knowledge of mathematics to develop a successful investment strategy. As of 2022, his company manages around $50 billion, and his net worth is $28.1 billion.

9. John Paulson: Founder of Paulson and Co. Inc.

Self-made billionaire, John Paulson, made his fortune managing hedge funds. His net worth stands at $3 billion, and his company, Paulson and Co., managed $36 billion at its peak. The company specialises in “event-driven” investments such as mergers and acquisitions.

Paulson became world-renowned when he made a fortune in the 2007 financial crash. He did so by betting against subprime mortgages during that time, and it paid off — he earned $3 billion. He also set another record in 2010 when he made $3.15 billion in one year. He achieved this primarily by investing in the gold sector.

10. Jamie Dimon: CEO of JPMorgan Chase

Finishing off the list of top men in finance to follow is the Chief Executive Officer of JP Morgan Chase, Jamie Dimon. The company is the largest bank in the United States in terms of assets, with an astounding worth of $3.2 trillion.

A Harvard Business School graduate, Dimon has worked for plenty of high-profile companies, including Citigroup and American Express. He made his fortune through banking and now stands as CEO of JPMorgan Chase and is also the Chairman of the Board at the company. Dimon currently ranks 19th on Forbes’ list of most powerful people and has a net worth of $1.6 billion.


Financial education is an incredibly important aspect of life, especially for those aspiring to financial independence. And when it comes to managing finances and learning about good investments, there are plenty of ways to get advice. There are many great personal finance books out there to help you learn the basics and give you insight so you can get your money management back on track. Additionally, there are top personal finance apps to make life easier when tracking your spending and getting it under control.

But when it comes to more complex money management and investment strategies, what better way to learn about financial markets and become an intelligent investor than from those who have been there and got the t-shirt? From hedge fund managers to CEOs of multi-national empires, the men on this list are experts in their field. For this reason, they’re worth following to gain invaluable insight and learn from their highs and lows.

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