Humans have been trading ever since they evolved into modern homo sapiens. A recent discovery of black pigment lumps known as paleo crayons, and stone tools, is evidence that a trade network existed around 300,000 years ago. This was during a period of rapid advancement in human cognition.

The first known currency was the Mesopotamian shekel which is almost 5,000 years old. In more recent times, digitalized money has emerged, alongside credit payment methods and cryptocurrency. The internet age has also spawned various apps that simplify the buying and selling process. Selling apps have also allowed people to sell stuff internationally without having to set up a website or open a store.

This article will discuss the bestselling apps, and the best buying apps, depending on what you are buying and selling. Whether you are buying vintage items or selling unwanted items this guide will give you the complete rundown.

Is the eBay app good for buying and selling?

When it comes to selling stuff eBay is the first platform most people will think of. It is one of the longest-running and most successful buying and selling websites since it was founded in 1995. The success of the business is shown by its impressive analytics. eBay has 159 million active users, 109 million website visitors each month and over 19 million seller accounts. Numbers also show eBay has one of the best, selling apps. It has been downloaded 599 million times.

You can use your phone when selling stuff on eBay. For example, you can take a few photos with your mobile phone and create a listing and start selling. Private sellers can make up to 1,000 listings for free each month. After that listing fees are charged at 35p per new listing. There is also a final transaction fee which is 12.8% of the selling price including shipping costs, taxes and other fees plus 30p. Single items above £2,500 are charged 3% in selling fees.

When you sell stuff you can list it as an auction item with or without a reservation fee or list it as available to buy now. Additional fees may be charged depending on your listing options. Whether you sell items locally or internationally you should also include a shipping fee. eBay’s in-built tools help you estimate these fees using the weights and cost of similar listings. You can also select which payment method you are willing to use including, debit and credit cards and eBay’s primary method – Paypal.

How to make money on eBay

eBay is one of the best, selling apps out there today. You can earn extra cash by selling unwanted items or, actively buying and re-selling on the platform. A lot of people with a keen eye for bargains will hunt local charity shops to buy and then sell items for extra cash. They may also buy stuff locally such as from a yard sale and use the selling app to sell for a profit.

Potential buyers may have success if they find rare, vintage items. For example, some buyers have had success finding and re-selling old football shirts. Some even spin this into another separate side hustle by creating a channel based on hunting and selling football items. Rare and valuable items can come in many forms such as; action man figures, barbie figures, matchbox cars, and pokemon cars. Money can also be made selling rare VHS videos and vinyl records. First edition books can also fetch a tidy profit. For example, recently a first edition copy of Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone was sold for £356,000.

You can also pair eBay with other apps to sell stuff more effectively. For example, people can use the Barcode Scanner App to sell your stuff on eBay. Potential buyers can first scan any item with a barcode and see what price it is selling for on eBay. Therefore, it is a great app to help you estimate whether a purchase is a worthwhile investment for re-selling.

What are the best, selling apps for handmade and vintage items?

Etsy is the go-to platform to buy or sell stuff that is homemade or craft based. Etsy allows you to sell stuff online – potentially changing an enjoyable hobby to a legitimate business. Most craft makers such as celebration card makers can only hope to sell stuff locally. However, Etsy allows you to set up your own shop on their online seller marketplace and sell to local buyers, national buyers and international buyers. In exchange for using their platform and app to sell stuff online, they charge; listing fees, transaction fees and payment processing fees.

Depop is one of the most popular selling apps for vintage and special edition items. More and more people are becoming aware of the damaging impact of fast fashion. This means buyers are increasingly looking for online selling apps to purchase second hands items. Many people miss out on buying limited-release items of clothing that can then be purchased on Depop – sometimes for an increased price. This is why if you have rare or limited edition clothing, it is one of the best apps to sell stuff online. The app has over 30 million users and charges sellers a 10% Depop fee, a standard transaction fee.

Vinted is also one of the best apps to sell vintage, designer clothes, or limited edition items. Selling clothes that you no longer need or that no longer fit can be very lucrative. Vinted has over 65 million users so it is one of the most used resale apps, especially for clothing. What sets Vinted apart from other apps is that there are no selling fees.

Is Facebook marketplace a good place to sell?

Facebook marketplace is one of the best platforms for local sales. Facebook is the most used social media platform in the world with around 2.9 billion users. Almost everyone uses Facebook in one context or another making it one of the best apps for selling. However, despite having billions of users worldwide it is best used to sell locally. Facebook is a free app and selling items on Facebook is also free. Facebook marketplace is especially useful if you want stuff gone quickly. You can even list items for free if you really need to get rid of them quickly and do not want to pay for their removal.

However, it is also a good way to make extra money. You can sell all kinds of old stuff like electronic items, clothing, furniture, cars and more. Big ticket items can even be sold nationally as well. This is because the value of the item may be worth travelling the extra miles to purchase it. When selling stuff this way items are listed as collection or delivery only, instead of sending items via postal services.

Landlords can even take advantage of this marketplace by listing a property without having to pay estate agent fees.

Using Gumtree to sell online

Gumtree is one of the best online marketplaces, especially for selling locally. You do not have to pay fees for selling stuff, making Gumtree one of the best mobile apps for selling items. When listing an item you essentially, just post pictures, choose your location, list your contact details and wait for a response.

As well as using the app to sell basic items like second hands clothes and jewellery you can sell higher-value items as well. For example, the platform can be used to sell property and vehicles. On another note, the app can be used to post job ads and apply for jobs as well.

Using Music Magpie to sell items

Music Magpie is one of the best apps to sell products you no longer need. For example, old phones, iPods, laptops, CDs, DVDs, video games and books. You scan the bar codes on these items using the app to get an instant valuation for your products. You sell your stuff directly to the company so you do not need to wait for sales to finalise if they even do at all.

However, any item sold to the company is done so far below its value. This is because Music Magpie re-sells the product at a higher markup than what they offer you. So, it is often more profitable to sell items individually. However, if you need money fast this is a great way to earn from unwanted items.

Using the Preloved app to sell products

Preloved stands out from other apps as it is one of the only platforms you can use for selling pets. For people that can no longer afford, or no longer can look after a pet they can re-home them for a profit. It also allows users to give away things for free.

This is another app that allows you to post adverts for free and these are usually local listings. There are over 500 categories to choose from – the most popular being things like furniture, jewellery, clothing, and children’s toys.

The best apps for selling your stuff online: Summary

The earliest evidence of trading dates back around 300,000 years. Since then global trade has become streamlined and people can make deals with a few clicks on a screen.

eBay is the most widely used platform for selling secondhand items. People use it to sell unwanted items or even turn it into a legitimate side hustle for buying and selling. Other apps and platforms are more specialised in selling specific items. For example:

  • Etsy – craft/homemade products
  • Depop – second-hand clothes, vintage, special editions
  • Vinted – second-hand clothing, vintage, special editions
  • FB marketplace – sell all types of products locally
  • Gumtree – local sales, higher value items such as property
  • Music Magpie – sell directly to the company for an instant payment when they receive the products
  • Prevolved – Local sales, including pets

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